Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams as Annie Carter

Someone said that she’s a fiery red head, who cannot keep her temper in check. Whoever that someone is, they are right! Annie Louise Carter is indeed exactly that! Although she may dress in a slightly revealing way, Annie isn’t the type of girl who sleeps around. She’s a smart girl, and she’s very energetic. Her anger is a problem though, but being beater on Gryffindor’s Quidditch team helps with venting her anger and therefore allows her to control it pretty well. Just don’t annoy her too much, or all control will go out of the window!


Standing at 5’2, she can be called short, although I wouldn’t advise it. Remember that temper issue mentioned above? Well if you call her shorty, then I can bet that you will remember it! Her eyes are a lovely green colour that she inherited from her father. Her hair is red, and from her mother. She usually has blonde dyed into it, but sometimes she lets it grow out for awhile. She has dyed her hair fully blonde once before, but she removed it, as she missed her hair, and the way that it suited her fiery personality. She usually wears a range of colour in her clothes, although she’ll favour purple, blue and red! She also loves converse and her favourite jacket is the ‘free hugs’ one. Her favourite shirt has to be the ‘I know Kung fu’, as not only is it purple, but the writing made her laugh. (and it’s got a cute panda on it!)


Annie is a proud Gryffindor with a whole lot of heart. She’s not short of guts or determination either, and she’ll do whatever it takes to enjoy life and be happy, as she knows that’s what her gran would want her to do. She loves to fly, and the feeling of freedom that it gives her is amazing. She’s also beater on the Gryffindor team, as it helps her take out her anger. She knows Karate thanks to some lessons that her parents paid for a while back. Her best subject is charms, she loves to have fun, and penguins are her favourite animals, although she loves elephants too. She loves hearing new jokes, meeting new people and making people laugh. Her favourite junk food is chocolate and pizza, and she loves to drink coke and butterbeer. She hates spiders, people judging her on how she dresses, and people calling her names behind her back, although she’s gotten used to it by now. She also hates homework, divination, detention, and having to wait around for someone or something. She’s not good at divination or keeping her temper, although she is good at comebacks and witty remarks when getting into a verbal fight with someone. And here’s a random one, her favourite colours are purple, blue and red, and she’ll tend to where these in her clothes whenever she can.


Her mother, formerly Adriana Morris, was born into a pure blood family, and was blessed with a mother who cared very much. When she went off to Hogwarts, she was sorted into the house of Gryffindor, along with Annie’s future father, James Carter, the son of Henry and Leah Carter. They had a sort of love/hate relationship going on. James kept flirting with Ana, and Ana didn’t seem interested in the class clown who flirted with anything that moved. He kept on flirting though, and wasn’t giving up, and eventually Ana had enough and agreed to one date to shut him up. The rest, as they say, is history! They married and welcomed their daughter into the world, and into Godric’s hollow, on August the 3rd, and loved her dearly. But they were still young, and wanted to go travel to places that it was inappropriate to take a four year old child to. So Amelia, Annie’s grandmother, offered to take care of Annie for awhile, because she’d just lost her husband, and was happy for the chance at company. When Annie’s mom and dad came back from their travels, she moved back in with them, and they both settled down and got jobs and a house in Stratford Upon Avon. When she got the Hogwarts letter, overjoyed isn’t a word that can describe how excited and happy she was to be going to the magical school. She got sorted into the house of her parents, and was glad that she could become a Gryffindor too. In her fifth year, she got a letter explaining that she’d lost her nan. She’d been very close to her gran, so she ended up going home for a few weeks, because she was upset. She returned to Hogwarts, and decided that life was short, and could end unexpectedly. You only have one life, and Annie Carter is determined to do her best to ensure that she lives her life to the full.


James and Ana CarterEdit

James and Ana are Annie's parents.

Henry and Leah CarterEdit

Henry and Leah are Annie's paternal grandparents.

Michael and Amelia MorrisEdit

Michael and Amelia are Annie's maternal grandparents.

Out of CharacterEdit

Annie Carter is played by Emma.

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