Bethany Priscilla Dalton, also known as Beth or just Dalton, is an eighteen year old former Slytherin. She is a heterosexual female born on the 9th of July in
Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron as Bethany Dalton

2002. Beth is a pure blooded witch with a thirteen inch wand made of mahogany and demiguise hair. She is very much Neutral, feeling that she should not dedicate her time and effort to something that has little effect on her. She currently works as a cashier at Madam Primpernelle's Beautifying Potions in Diagon Alley and is also training as an Auror alongside her brother.


Just like the Malfoys typically having blonde hair and the Weasleys typically having red hair, the Daltons typically have brown hair. In a successful attempt to irritate her mother, Bethany dyed her hair blonde using a combination of Muggle hair dye and a few preservation spells, preventing her mother from removing the dye. Her eyes are amber, and she is five feet and six inches tall. She normally wears dresses of varying colours and styles. Bethany Dalton is portrayed by actress Dianna Agron.


Beth is a particularly argumentative person and will stop at nothing to get her own way. There are very few people that can stop her from doing so, namely her parents and the other adults of the Dalton family. She is also very sarcastic, though neither her nor many members of her family see much of a problem with it, since most of them are also rather good with sarcasm. Bethany can often get jealous. This is very rarely because of material possessions since her parents could probably buy one for her and a spare with the amount of money they have, it's more common with people. If she has a friend or someone she has developed a particular liking for, she won't take kindly to seeing them with other people . She rather likes Honeyduke's Sweet Shop in Hogsmeade, as well as Knockturn Alley, though doesn't like the bad reputation it has because of shops such as Borgin and Burke's. She dislikes the shop so much that she will refuse to step inside the shop if her father is purchasing something, though Beth knows better than to disobey her parents, as much as she may disagree with their decisions, on most occasions anyway. She rather enjoys playing Quidditch, and was a currently a temporary chaser for the Slytherin team whilst one of the permanent chasers was in the Hospital Wing after receiving a bludger to the head, followed by another to the back. She can't stand to lose, and if for some reason she doesn't win whatever it was that they were doing, she'll get her wand and beat them in another way. Magic is certainly her strength coming from a pure blooded family, as well as having lots of practice whilst causing havoc or just learning in the family home. Bethany hates anyone being in her personal space, whether directly around her or having to share a room with her, hence her dislike for the school dormitories. She had a little trouble adapting to life at Hogwarts after having spent almost all of her life at home, and it was more so the schedule than change of scenery. She fears that her family will get hurt, more so her siblings and cousins than the adult member of the family. She feels that they fail as parents if they can't protect them, despite the eight teenagers being more than capable of defending themselves providing they stay relatively close together. If they were to work together they could get out of practically any situation, albeit sometimes with a few scratches and bruises. Beth desperately wants somebody to hold close and be able to call her own, after having had plenty of time to read and gain knowledge of relationships through books and newspapers during her many years at Dalton Estate. Romeo and Juliet was a particular inspiration to her. She thinks that Muggles are quite primitive in some ways, though will give them credit for some of their better inventions, even if they don't work anywhere near her without some adaptations.


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Andrew and Priscilla DaltonEdit

Andrew and Priscilla are Bethany's parents.

Joshua and Clarke DaltonEdit

Joshua and Clarke are Bethany's siblings, as well as one un-named sibling.

Clifford and Maria DaltonEdit

Clifford and Maria are Bethany's uncle and aunt.

Evelyn, Arthur, and Kelsie DaltonEdit

Evelyn, Arthur, and Kelsie are Bethany's cousins, as well as one un-named cousin.

Out of CharacterEdit

Bethany Dalton is played by Vicky. She was one of the plot canons that were first introduced on the ACH Version 1, and was continued on version two.

May SpotlightsEdit

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