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Jim Sturgess as Joshua Dalton

If you call him Joshie, he may just kill you. Just a warning! His full name is Joshua Andrew Dalton, and he is in his seventh and final year at Hogwarts, and is seventeen years old at the moment. He was born on the 9th of July, along with his twin sister Bethany Dalton . He's heterosexual and engaged to Jaslene Malfoy, thanks to an arranged marriage plot to populate the Earth with hot little Dalton kids. Not happening. He's of pure blood, and one of the Dalton Family , if you didn't already guess. His wand is eleven inches of pure magic with a Kelpie hair at it's core. It's good for transfiguration.


Good looking and stands at 5 foot 11 inches. He's got long, wavy brown hair and brown eyes to match, and tends to wander around in jeans and many different tops. he does like looking smart and sexy at the same time, although that's easy for him to pull off. He loves to wear converse, and ray ban sunglasses are his favourite, so he'll wear them whenever he can, although that's not often in Scotland. He'll also wear his Slytherin robes of course, but only when in lessons because he hates the way the constrict him.


He has many likes, icluding dancing, women, having fun, having a laugh, being sarcastic, the sun, converse, ray-bans and the colour green, along with the Slytherin house, butterbeer and Firewhisky. He dislikes organisation, preffering to be more spontanious. He can also be witty, sarcastic, and dislikes following rules. He hates homework too. He's enthusiastic or zeleous, and he's good at Transfiguration, Defence, and making people laugh. He likes diffusing tension, and is good at it too. He hates spiders, but it's a secret, and he's also keeping it quiet that his family is pretty messed up, although his parents tend to deny it. a lot.


Okay, for family, sit tight, this could take awhile. There's his twin sister, Bethany, his younger sister, Clarke, and a younger brother. His parents are Andrew Dalton and Priscilla Dalton, and his aunt and uncle are Clifford Dalton and Maria Dalton. His cousins are Arthur Dalton, Kelsie Dalton and Evelyn Dalton. They were raised in the Dalton Estate in Scotland, that looks out across the water and over to Hogwarts. Forced to go to Hogwarts as part of some hair-brained scheme of their parents, the Dalton's, well, most of them, didn't want to be there. When they were younger, most of the Dalton's were trouble makers, setting things on fire, causing havoc, and making the nannies run away screaming that the kids were devils. No honestly, that's no exageration. Josh couldn't wait till he got to leave the school, as he was less than happy to be there, but then he got some news. he was being put into an arranged marriage, and his parents failed to tell him who he was marrying exactly. So he tried his best to make them tell, badgering them with letters, poking his head out of the fireplace and fake crying, and even begging them not to do this. He finally found out that the one he will soon call his wife is Jaslene Malfoy . Or at least, she is until he manages to find a way out of the marriage. Josh is finding less and less reasons to actually get out of it however, as he's started to feel protective over his wife to be, and has even started to tell people her good points. Though she's not to know about that. She features on his mind increasingly, but he's failing and refusing to see the signs, and is passing it off as just because of the marriage.


Andrew DaltonEdit

Joshua's father, Daddy Dalton, father to Joshua Dalton, Bethany Dalton and Clarke Dalton. Husband of Priscilla Dalton.

Arthur DaltonEdit

Josh's cousin, the son of Clifford Dalton and Maria Dalton Bethany Dalton Josh's twin sister, who he loves dearly.

Clarke DaltonEdit

Josh's little sister, who he can get protective over.

Clifford DaltonEdit

Joshua's uncle, father to Arthur , Kelsie and Evelyn, husband of Maria Dalton .

Evelyn DaltonEdit

Josh's cousin, daughter of Clifford Dalton and Maria Dalton .

Jaslene MalfoyEdit

Joshua's current fiancee, thanks to the arranged marriage idea.

Kelsie DaltonEdit

Josh's cousin, other daughter of Clifford Dalton and Maria Dalton .

Maria DaltonEdit

Joshua's aunt, mother to Arthur , Kelsie and Evelyn, wife of Clifford Dalton. Priscilla Dalton Mother of Joshua Dalton, Bethany Dalton and Clarke Dalton. Wife of Andrew Dalton .

Out of CharacterEdit

Joshua Dalton is played by Emma. He was one of the plot canons that were first introduced on the ACH Version 1, and was continued on version two.

May SpotlightsEdit

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