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Tom Sturridge as Kaleb Garcia

Dear old Kaleb is a heartthrob, causing half of the girls of Hogwarts to melt with one look, and a couple of guys too! Kaleb used to think he was straight, but he’s recently discovered that he’s bisexual, and he’s glad to know who he is. He’s a pure blood wizard, and a fantastic student as long as he puts his mind to it. Kaleb was born in Stratford-Upon Avon, but moved to London with his parents. He waves a wand that’s 11 inches long, and made of mahogany wood, with a dragon heartstring at it’s core.


The first thing people notice is his eyes. They are blue, and very pretty too, and he knows it! Then you’d notice his lips, and their awesome smile that tends to get the students of Hogwarts to melt! Well, at least some of them! He’s usually seen in his jeans and some slogan tee’s, one’s that he finds interesting or funny. And then he loves his converse, and usually wears them with odd colour laces, like neon blue! Kaleb also has a birthmark on his right shoulder. His hair is brown and it’s a medium length, not short like army brats wear. He is portrayed by Tom Sturridge.


Flirtatious. If there is one word to describe him, it’s flirty. But he’s also complex and there’s a lot to him that he keeps hidden, things that you’d never think about him. He loves rock music, and his house, as it has been his home for years. He thinks that many Slytherin are misunderstood, like him. He’s a Slytherin because of his complexity, and his care for appearance, physical and personality wise. It’s the last fact that makes him hide a lot of himself, as his dad wouldn’t approve. He’s pretty smart, although he tends not to show it, as he doesn’t want to be seen as a complete nerd. His dad wouldn’t approve. Although he will pull his finger out for exams and pass them pretty well.

Kaleb hates spiders, and he hates his dad. But at the same time, he spends a lot of time trying to make daddy proud. Here’s the complex bit, as well as making dad proud, he tries to rebel, and why? Well he wants his parents attention, seen as he doesn’t get it very often! Kaleb hates sympathy, he thinks it’s pointless as being sorry won’t undo something. Save your sympathy, because he does not like it!


Kale's mother, Jackie was a good student, and a pretty good one at that! She was born into a pure blood family, who were not rich, but not poor either! When she was 16, she was in Hogwarts when she met Henry. He was 17 at the time.. Now Henry was born rich. He was pureblood too, and his family was filthy rich! He fell for Jackie, thinking he was in love, and before they both knew it, she was pregnant with Kaleb. Henry was told to marry Jackie. ‘it was the right thing to do!’ according to everyone who he knew, so he put that ring on her finger, before realizing that he was not in love with her anymore.

He didn‘t divorce her, as she was carrying his child! And besides, his father thought him irresponsible enough as it is! So when Kaleb was born on May the 4th, he acted like the perfect husband and father. Before long, some other girls caught his eye. After that, he began a string of affairs, that Jackie, who was not stupid, knew about. But she turned the other cheek, as her parents had kicked her out for getting pregnant so young. She stayed home as a 'housewife', though she allowed Nannies to raise me while she acted like the perfect wife. This left Kaleb a little bitter that his parents didn‘t care enough to raise him. To protect himself from more rejection and hurt, he made himself look like a spoilt brat who didn't care about anyone, and in turn, no one cared about Kale.

When he got his Hogwarts letter, his mother couldn't be happier, because it meant that she no longer had to pay for nannies to raise Kale any longer! While at Hogwarts, he's had a string of girls, none of which he really cared for, as for him, it was all about the sex. he's not sure if he's the settling down type, and right now he intend upon enjoying life to the full, with no limitations. he is a bit of an attention seeker, because of the lack of attention he received from his parents as a child.


Victoria BennettEdit

Vicky and Kaleb had sex once, and eventually she ended up stopping him from making a huge mistake, and helped him find out the truth about Zane.

Kamil SnyderEdit

Kai and Kaleb were close friends from childhood, and drifted apart. They recently picked back up where they left off, and Kai is doing his best to help Kaleb forget about Zane.

Zane ShamesEdit

Kaleb’s DADA teacher, and for awhile, Kaleb thought that he loved Zane. Big mistake! Zane was using Kaleb, and ended up betraying him, and hurting Kaleb very much.

Coal KendallEdit

Coal is Kaleb’s friend/enemy/teacher. It’s complicated, but they are pretty good friends, although it is doubtful that to each others faces that they would admit that.

Henry GarciaEdit

Kaleb’s father. Kaleb doesn’t have a great relationship with him, as he scares Kaleb. He’s hit him once, a long time ago, and that’s the root of the fear. Kaleb doesn’t want to turn out like his father, stuck in a loveless marriage. And Kaleb spent a lot of his life trying to gain his fathers attention and love.

Jackie GarciaEdit

Kaleb‘s mother, who didn‘t pay much attention to Kaleb at all. For her, Kaleb is the reason that she‘s stuck in this loveless marriage, and without him, she would have been a successful person, with her own job, instead of a housewife.

Out of CharacterEdit

Kaleb Garcia is played by Emma.

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