Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere as Samantha Lichtscheidl

Samantha Ellen Lichtscheidl, also known as Sam, was born January 26th in the year 2004, in a wizarding community in England, making her sixteen years old. She attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a fifth year Ravenclaw, and comes from a pure blooded family. Her wand is made of delicate juniper, ten inches long, with a core of Veela hair, and her loyalties lie with the Stygian Votaries.


Samantha stand at about five feet and three inches, being one of the shorter students in her class, with pale blue eyes. Her hair is a light blond, naturally wavy, and flows to about the center of her back. She has an akwardly placed freckle on the palm of her right hand, being her one and only birth mark. She normally doesn't dress too fancy, and only wears a light layer of make up. Sam is normally seen in her Ravenclaw robes when around Hogwarts, since she feels inportant dressed as such and doesn't think they're uncomfortable at all.


Many people know Samantha Lichtscheidl as a stuck up know-it-all who really doesn't care about what anyone thinks. Well, this is actually a very accurate take on the blonde. Samantha is a sarcastic teenager with an attitude. She always finds the need to be right about anything, and she hates a lot of people for various reasons. It's relatively hard to get along with the blonde, being as she never opens up and is always spewing insults. She's a very hateful person, and even has her own 'hate' list, which she's recently renamed to the 'kill' list. As you can imagine, she doesn't have many friends. Despite the several faults within her personality, she's a very intelligent girl. That was probably one of the reasons she was placed into Ravenclaw, though she still wishes she was put into Slytherin. She is also worried about getting a poor grade, in fear it will spell the end of her future. Though she didn't get the house that she would have prefferred, she still has a lot of house pride. She's often told to have an ego, being that she occasionally talk about herself in the third person, and seems to think she's better than everyone else. She also believes she's the most beautful girl in Hogwarts, and the most intelligent Ravenclaw. As one can imagine, she has several enemies around the school, and is annoyed easily by the slightest things. She carries her wand around with her wherever she goes because of her strong love for magic and duelling. It would probably not be a good idea to get on her bad side and try to start a fight with her. She's spoiled rotten due to her being an only child, so she's used to getting whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and has an infatuation with dark magic. Sam is heavily against anything that has to do with muggles, including muggle borns.


Samantha Lichtscheidl, as stated earlier, was born on January 26th, 2004, in a wizarding community in England. Her parents were never around very much, due to their busy working schedule. They never actually explained where it was that they worked, though, or what they did. She grew up as an only child with her nanny, that took care of her practically from birth, replacing her mother. Her parents did feel quite quilty for never being around much, so they would always buy her whatever she wanted. This made her spoiled obviously, and stemmed the belief that she always needed to be right. Her family is also extremely wealthy, which aided in the ability for her to have whatever she wanted, and they lived in quite a large house away from most of the others in the neighborhood. She never interacted with her neighbors, and spent most of her time alone, either in her room or outside, reading or exploring the land her family owned, and never played with any of the other children. She loved the creek that ran through her backyard the most.


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Samantha Lichtscheidl is played by Sam.

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