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Simon Baker as Thomas Moore

Resident potions master, Mr Thomas William Moore was born on February 15th, and people tend to call him Tom, or even Tommy. He’s half blood, as his mother is muggle and his dad is a wizard, and those many years ago when he was in Hogwarts, he was sorted into the house of Slytherin, although he’s nice enough! He’s head of that house now, too. His wand is made of willow, and has the hair of a unicorn at it’s core, not to mention that it’s 13 inches long. If someone was to sum up Tom in a few words it would be that he is an easy going man who enjoys seeing people succeed, and is also passionate about his teaching. He’s also a gentleman and loves to have a laugh, so lets meet the man that many call Professor.


Thomas wears his hair short, and it’s a nice blonde colour, and it can look both light or dark blonde, depending on the light that he stands in. His eyes are a colour that is a mix of green and grey. His preferred clothes are muggle ones, as they’re usually more comfortable than robes. He’s usually hanging out in jeans, shirts or t-shirts, and trainers, converse, or normal shoes. He does wear a suit on special occasions, but he finds them restricting sometimes. He’s got a scar on his left leg from when he fell out of a tree when he was eleven, although it’s tiny and almost un-noticeable.


Tom is laid back and likes to teach in a fun way. He doesn’t get angry easily, but when he does, he can get very mad. He’s also very focused and perceptive, and he also takes initiative and does what he thinks is best. He pays attention, and notices things that sometimes others don’t, at least most of the time. He can be light and chatty, and enjoys telling jokes and making the mood light and good. He hates angst, as he’s had enough, and needs happiness for himself and the people around him. He tells the truth without sugar coating, and he doesn’t mind what people think about him for that. He’s also not worried about offending people, because if it’s true, then why should it offend someone? He has a talent of picking up certain things from something someone says, and they won’t even know that they let that information slip! He’s also very honest, trustworthy and loyal, so that means that anything he says is likely to be true, and that is why the headmistress, Hermione Malfoy trusts him so much. He loves meeting new people, and sometimes can be a pessimist if the mood strikes him. He’s a gentleman and believes that everyone should be treated with respect, until it’s proved that they don’t deserve it.


At twenty eight years old, Thomas believes very much in fate and love. His mother was an air hostess, and his dad was a wizard, who was trying to make it as a painter. They were drawn to each other, or so they say, and when they were 27, they got married, and have been together ever since. A year after the marriage, Tom’s mother, Anne, found that she was pregnant, and soon gave birth to Thomas, in the little town of Stratford Upon Avon. He got his Hogwarts letter, and his parents were overjoyed, and whilst in school, he befriended a boy in the year below him, named Jerry. It was funny, as Jerry was a muggle born, and they had a joke between them that they were Tom and Jerry, like the muggle show. It was a laugh, and even though their houses were different, they bonded and become good friends. After he left Hogwarts, he met Penny Pandora Lovett, or as he called her, Panda. She was on the beach when he was out walking, and he asked her to marry her right then and there, even though he didn’t even know her name. He was just eighteen, and knew that he wanted to be with her until the end of time. She said no, of course, but agreed to a date at least. They got to know each other, and had a good relationship going. Or at least they did, until they argued over something pathetic and stupid, and they split up. Just like that. Two years went by, and when Tom was 24, he walked past a church and noticed Penny’s last name on an announcement board outside a church. She was getting married. Tom nearly died then, because he’d always thought that somehow, they’d end up together, but here she was, marrying another man. He sulked for the next two weeks, and when her wedding day came, he was sulking at a friends house. His friend realised that something was wrong, and practically pushed him out the door when he found out what was up.

Tom ran to the church, stopping only once, to get her a gift. The only cd by her favourite band that she didn‘t have. It was to show her that he did care, and that he did listen. When he saw her in that church, he knew that the stupidest thing he’d ever done was let her slip away. He marched right up to her and handed her the cd, and she smiled, and gave him a look that stole his heart again. He’d crashed the wedding, and she left with him, apologising and happy. One week later, Tom asked her again to marry him, on the very beach that they‘d met, and she‘d agreed. They got married that day in a small ceremony, but soon was told that they couldn’t, because Penny had cancer. It was crushing, to learn this, but the worst was when he was told that the chances of Penny surviving was slim to none, because the cancer had spread too much. She died at 25 years old, and three years later, Tom is only just moving on. A few months back, Tom was there to help apprehend the teacher, Zane Shames, after he’d been messing with two Hogwarts students, and he also attended the trial. He’s still wondering how he could let this man do it under his watch, and he’s also still looking for someone to make him happy again.


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Thomas Moore is played by Emma.

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