Mitch Hewer

Mitch Hewer as William Harris

This guy's name is William Samuel Harris, but his friends and lover call him Will. He's male, clearly, and homosexual with his lover of many years, Riley Matthews. Will is twenty years old and was born on the 3rd of September 2000 to his mother and father, Anna Humphries and Darren Harris. Will is a former Slytheirn who left Hogwarts in his seventh year. He's got a younger brother and sister, Simon (15) and Karen (11), not to mention a few cousins knocking around the place. With his uncanny ability to get himself both in and out of trouble, he was seen to have a keen mind and be dedicated, and that earned him his job, which is surprising considering his young age. With a wand of Yew, measuring at twelve inches, with a deminguise hair at it's core, he is quite the wizard! Oh, and as for his alliance, it lies with the neutral adults, just so you know!


With his blonde hair and brown eyes, he looks nothing less than gorgeous! His short blonde hair tends to stay straight enough, as long as it's dry, but as soon as it gets wet then it ends up all curly. And as far as clothes go, you'll usually catch this looker wearing jeans and various tee-shirts, maybe even slogan ones that will make you laugh. That is unless you catch him out running on a Saturday morning, when he'd be wearing joggers, a white shirt and some trainers, or if you see him when he's working, because he'll be wearing his ministry robes that let people know where he works. Or if you happen to catch him in his sleep, it'll be boxers or some pyjama bottoms, but only Riley should know that! Oh and one more thing, he looks really cute when he smiles because he has smile lines.


Will isn't a scardy cat, but there are a few things that he's scared of, including spiders, bugs and death. He's also not good at a few things too, like thinking before he speaks, keeping the volume down, knowing when to shut up, or catching said ugly spiders. He can be sarcastic, witty, and kind, and also defencive about other Homosexuals if they are being discrimintated against. He's protective over Riley, and he wants to do anything to please him. He likes to fly, enjoys his job as the junior undersecretary to the ministress of magic, and enjoys swimming and running too. He also likes to read poetry, but only certain authors. He enjoys eating popcorn and spending endless hours marvelling at how beautiful Riley really is. He used to smoke but quit, and he loves to make others laugh. He dislikes large crowds of people, unless he's in the mood to handle having no space. He also hates those who are homophobic. He can be funny, witty, charming, innapropriate, an idiot, have blonde moments and forget what he was doing. He tended to stand in one room and wonder what he was in there for.


Born to Anna and Darren Harris, he was raised in a house on Bakers street in London. To be fair, the house was a big one, as he's pure blood and his family are fairly rich. Five years after Will, came his younger brother, Simon, and then later, his younger sister Karen. He was close to his paternal grandfather, John Harris, and always looked up to him. He worked in the ministry before he retired too, in the department of magical law enforcement. Will wanted to impress him and make him proud, and follow in his footsteps to become a success at the ministry, so he worked hard in Hogwarts, and quickly learned to love his time there, in his house of Slytherin. It was in his fifth year that he saw Riley. And by saw, he meant really saw. Looking down the breakfast table at him, it was like falling head over heels in love. Okay, so it was a crush first, but Will liked to think that it really was love at first sight. Will had known he was gay for awhile, and Riley Matthews was his first major crush. he'd basically come out to my closest friends anyway, and they were more than accepting which was great, and a few of them had their suspicions anyway. On Riley's last day at Hogwarts, he finally plucked up the courage and kissed him, and it was everything he'd ever hoped. When Will was nineteen, thanks to a mishap with a letter, he came out to his parents and his grandfather, who seemed to be alright with the idea, but they weren't all too encouraging. Will has recently found out that he'd been cut out of his paternal grandfather's will because of his sexuality, and it hurt Will very much, although he tries not to show it.


Riley MatthewsEdit

The love of Will's life, and his current partner.

Anna and Darren HarrisEdit

Darren and Anna are William's parents.

Judith and John HarrisEdit

Judith and John are Williams paternal grandparents.

Simon HarrisEdit

Younger brother, fifteen years old.

Karen HarrisEdit

Younger sister, eleven years old.

Hazel ChapmanEdit

William's aunt from his mother's side.

Out of CharacterEdit

William Samuel Harris is played by Emma. He is one of the suggested canons that we introduced on A Changed Hogwarts 2.0.

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